Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
Real Estate Investment In Africa
Where Real Estate
Becomes More
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AMS Africa

In terms of growth and development, Africa is nowadays the best place to invest as the demand for retail properties, shopping and leisure malls, office and residential properties is consistently expanding due to growing consumer markets. And as it is considered as one of hottest marketplaces in the world today, real estate investment in Africa will undoubtedly be a winning opportunity for investors to create winning destinations where more happens.

AMS Africa is the privileged partner to assist you in the success of your real estate investment. For any of your future investment in Africa’s real estate sector, AMS Africa is here to assist you!


AMS Africa is a subsidiary of two recognized real estate leaders in Europe and in the Middle East: Société des Centres Commerciaux (SCC) and Aswaq Management Services (AMS). AMS Africa has built a strong expertise across the entire African continent (North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa).

AMS Africa is an expansion of AMS Morocco, a multidisciplinary real estate services firm that provides in-depth real estate expertise through an end-to-end approach, covering every stage of the project from the Preliminary Studies, Consultancy Phase (pre and post opening phase), Valorization Strategies, Sales and Leasing Strategies, Design Review and Fit-Out Coordination, Rental Management and Property Management Services to Retail, Office, Leisure and Residential Mixed-Use assets.

AMS Africa has the “Casablanca Finance City” status, a strong network of partners to facilitate business in Africa.

AMS Africa takes pride in providing a complete range of services to every client from start to finish because we believe that real estate asset management is a complete value chain that cannot be split. Even when we are involved in ongoing projects (assets already built and already operating), we carry out a diagnosis and work on the perpetuation of the asset to create dynamic destinations.

A team of more
than 600 experts
More than 130 sites
4.2 million m2 GLA
in Europe and the MENA region
More than 10,000 leases
Over 50 years of know-how in real estate



Strategy And Preliminary Studies

We advise developers and investors in the potential assessment of their asset. We assist our clients in the definition of their space programs ensuring that we meet the needs and the expectations of all people: investors, partners, brands, tenants and clients for new project as well as existing properties.

Advisory And Project Management

We finalize the space program and architectural aspects or fit-out recommendations and we define a marketing and leasing strategy during the initial phase or upon property delivery.

Asset Management

We bring together all the expertise to ensure optimal valorization of the assets that we manage and to increase their performance with a higher quality property of winning destinations.

Property Management

We supervise property operations, facility management, marketing/promotion/digital strategies, finance and budgeting as well as technical aspects of your real estate investment in Africa to ensure the maximization of operational performance of the property as a priority.

Rental Management

We are dedicated in acting as a true intermediary for tenant relationship management. We assist and control the implementation of the contractual commitments of the tenants and manage areas of invoicing and arrears collection.

Review Of Plans And Fit-Out Coordination

We elaborate on the tenant design criteria for shop fit-out and coordinate the tenant works for the units leased to ensure compliance with the standards and cohesion of the real estate project in terms of standards and deadlines.

Delegated Project Management

We offer our client planning, delegated project management and project management assistance roles for any real estate program (operation’s set up, development or expansion, renovation and refurbishment).


We carefully screen qualified tenants in accordance with the leasing, merchandising and marketing strategies, and we oversee the management of the entire leasing process from prospection, negotiation, production of leasing document and execution of lease agreement. Our 50 years of experience and expertise in Europe, the MENA region and Africa let us benefit from the most extensive network of headquarters and international, regional or local master-franchisees. Major operators and multinational companies trust us to start their new business. This relationship allows us to optimally lease the real estate projects under our management in the Africa region. In addition, we assist brands and companies in their international expansion through the establishment of their commercial units and offices.



Mixed-use projects

We assist our clients in the success of their investments in mixed-use assets in Africa.


Our experts are also dedicated to the office sector in Africa and seek to deliver value to our office building.

Retail and leisure

We are a major player in the retail real estate market to create and develop winning destinations bringing together the best retail, leisure and entertainment brands.

Our team is passionate about retail and leisure and has an in-depth knowledge of the market in Africa to improve the value and deliver optimal return for a a large range of assets: shopping centres, retail parks, luxury retail, street retail, retail units, leisure, etc.


Our team is focused to advise our clients on the life cycle of their residential in major cities in Africa.


Our team is also involved in other proprety types such as : logistics, hotel, etc.




Ambition, Responsibility, Integrity and Collaboration are embedded within the business and have a real impact on the way we work:


Being the best in our business is in our team’s mind; we provide to our employees with all the means to reach and exceed their goals to ensure our client satisfaction as a priority.


We are a trustworthy and reliable partner, we demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles at work. Integrity is the foundation on which we build relationships, trust, and effective relationships.


We are responsible for our actions and we create value for our clients by empowering our employees to act in an excellent and innovative spirit.


Working as a team, hand in hand with our clients, openly sharing our ideas and our point of view, and relying on the expertise of everyone, allow employees to work effectively. .