Real Estate In Tanzania Has Significant Opportunities

Ghana’s real estate environment offers investor confidence as the overall economy continues to grow. Many developers continue to push on their projects because they see the long-term potential on their investments. In addition, the country’s economy is projected to experience a 8.3% expansion in 2018 due to rising oil and gas income, industrial growth, and increasing public and private investment, including in infrastructure. 



  • The growth in economy in recent years has helped the expansion of office spaces.
  • Mixed-use development of office, retail, and residential units provides a major opportunity for more investors.
  • Formal space in the retail sector has grown. In fact, Accra Mall, Ghana’s first shopping mall has over 23,000 square meters of retail space (opened in 2008). Accra and North Industrial Area offer a great location for warehousing units while other important districts like Tema and Takoradi (Ghana’s major port) provides an ideal setting for putting up retail property investments.


Overall, there are new opportunities in Ghana’s real estate market. And AMS Africa is ready to help you land a lucrative investment in this country where resource wealth, growing population, location and political stability, promise much for the longer term.