Real Estate In Cote D’Ivoire Is Promising

Cote D’Ivoire is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. This rapid growth is due to a solid macroeconomic environment and monetary policy stability, significant public investment in infrastructure, a vast amount of natural resources, and a strong position in the international real estate market. Likewise, the country progressing economy drives investors who want to invest in properties, venture into retail business, set up franchise branches, and office headquarters.

Investment and consumption are the two driving factors in Cote D’Ivoire’s GDP growth at an average of 8-9% since 2012. And though the country is once known as a top producer of agricultural products in the world, Cote D’Ivoire’s business and commercial sector is becoming a primary economic performer.  Thus, the country’s sustained growth offers opportunities for international and local investors and developers who want to invest in this country which has been enjoying one of the highest economic growth rates in the region.

AMS Africa is ready to assist you in investing in the real estate sector in Cote D’Ivoire.