Real Estate Market In Cameroon Is Alive & Well

For people who are looking to earn revenues by investing on building structures, office space leasing, and other commercial arenas Cameroon can be a good option as the economic growth of the country is on the average of 4.7% every year, resulting in the demand for new infrastructures to be built. Investing in Cameroonian real estate market can be a wise choice as: You gain more leverage – Investing in real estate is always a sure endeavor in Cameroon as there are ways to leverage your property and maximize the overall return of your investment with proper real estate asset management. Rate returns are attractive in certain areas – Yaounde and Douala obtain an investment ROI of 9%. To be specific, city office rents in these areas get an ROI rate of 10% while 8.57% for commercial rents and 7.5% for residential rents. There is always a potential for growth – The real estate market in Cameroon is alive & well. So you can expect your asset investment to grow if you partner with the right company. So let AMS Africa be your partner today, and we’ll take care of your real estate investment in Cameroon as if our own.